Holidays with children near the water are a great time for swimming, sunbathing and lots of fun. Wonderful and memorable emotions have a positive effect on the psychological state of the child. And for adults, such a pastime can significantly reduce nervous tension and have a great time with children. There is nothing better than listening to the soothing splash of water, basking in the sun and watching transparent splashes. A beach holiday with children allows you to saturate the skin with oxygen and the necessary moisture. The sun contributes to the production of vitamin D, which is very useful for the development and growth of children.

Water safety measures with children

Resting and relaxing as much as possible in the company of relatives, it is important not to forget about the existing safety rules:
1The beach area must be inspected by the relevant authorities at the beginning of the swimming season and does not pose any danger.2You must enter the water slowly, gradually sinking.3Water games for children include an inflatable ball.4Do not allow the child to enter the water on their own.5While you are with children are on the water, it is important to closely monitor them and not allow them to go deep into a body of water (river, lake, sea). .You must also bring high UV protection sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and other necessary items.

Outdoor games on the water for children

Do not let the children stay in the water for a long time so that they do not get cold. We must try to ensure a moderate presence of children in the water and on the shore. So that they do not get bored on land, you can entertain them in the following ways:

  • build a sand castle;
  • play with an inflatable ball;
  • sunbathe;
  • make figures out of sand;
  • run along the beach and so on.

You can buy a set of games in advance; in the warm season, the Baby Swimmer set for bathing is especially in demand. The whole set is neatly assembled in a beautiful transparent bag. The components of the set for water games: 1 Inflatable circle (21×50 cm). 2 Inflatable armlets — 24×15 cm. 3 Inflatable ball — 30 cm. It is convenient to take such a set with you to the beach, to the water park, when visiting the pool. The inflatable bath set is made using high quality materials, which are based on PVC.Spend a beach holiday in the summer with your child in a fun, pleasant and fervent way!


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