Thanks to the development of technology, many new fabrics have recently appeared that are distinguished by beautiful texture, high quality and durability. Most modern materials, such as velsoft (better known as microfiber), are significantly superior to natural fabrics in their technical characteristics. Various products are sewn from it, but rugs are in special demand.

Velsoft — This is a fleecy synthetic fiber with a thickness of about 1 Den, made from a polyester or polyamide thread, which is stratified into dozens of fibers, which gives it fluffiness. Thin polyester fibers are impregnated with high-tech lubricants that are completely safe for people. This contributes to the fact that the fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch. And the polyamide, which is part of the material, contributes to its breathability, quick drying and durability.

This fabric was first developed in 1976 in Japan. It has become a real breakthrough in the textile industry.

Features of the threads allow you to make fabrics textured, with 3d volume, and dye them as you like. Modern material differs in: the height and density of the pile; the presence of pile on one or two sides; softness; density and thickness; colors and finishes. For blankets, the following are most often used: plain dyed microfiber; printed with print; printed jacquard large-patterned; with pressed relief.

To the main advantages of velsoft blankets worth considering:

  • soft and pleasant to the touch texture;
  • the possibility of hand or machine washing;
  • a large selection (products go on sale from different types of microfiber, differ in designs, sizes and other characteristics);
  • abrasion resistance;
  • lack of deformation (plaids do not shrink, do not shed, and do not stretch);
  • high thermal insulation qualities;
  • antibacterial;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • hygiene and hygroscopicity.

Due to the large list of positive qualities of velsoft blankets, these products are in great demand among buyers. As for the shortcomings, regular users did not find them. This textile is used even by professional designers due to its wide range. With their help, a special atmosphere of home warmth and comfort is created in any interior.

This new generation of textiles attracts consumers with the fact that it does not wrinkle at all, dust and dirt are easily removed from its surface, it is distinguished by increased wear resistance and strength. Also, according to consumer reviews, Velsoft blankets do not absorb odors, they are convenient and easy to use. BUT their biggest plus is the low cost of production.

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