Visual noise is an oversaturation of the interior with things and different decor, which visually makes the apartment littered and uncomfortable. Most often, the feeling of visual noise is associated with the lack of storage space for things. And if in the rooms household items can be put away in cabinets and on shelves, then in the kitchen, storing things that are often used is most often difficult. One such thing that is used in every home and often causes problems with storage is a kitchen sponge. But now there is a great solution for storing it — a sponge holder. It is fixed inside the sink without the use of nails, screws, etc. You just need to degrease the surface, dry it, remove the protective film and attach the hook to the right place. Thanks to its strong 3M adhesive backing, it can withstand loads up to 5kg. The holder is made of stainless steel, it is not afraid of water and other liquids on the surface, so you can safely store wet sponges in it. The hook can be used not only as a sponge holder, but also for storing kitchen utensils, in the bathroom, etc. The stainless steel holder will be an indispensable tool for organizing space and eliminating visual noise in your home.


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