Imagine what our skin experiences every day, because it is the first to take a hit from the environment, especially in gassed and noisy big cities. All this affects not only health: there are problems in the form of acne, dehydration, an unhealthy complexion and signs of early aging.

But the natives know how to improve their body! The ancient inhabitants of French Polynesia have been using the exotic noni fruit (another name is Morinda citrus) for several millennia as a food product and for the treatment of many diseases, as well as for solving skin problems. This unique fruit contains more than 140 useful substances that can improve immunity and enrich the body with a unique vitamin complex that is not found in any other fruit!

The noni fruit was discovered to the modern world by Dr. Ralph Heinecke, who studied its extraordinary properties and confirmed that the natives use this exotic fruit for good reason. Noni is a treasure trove of health and beauty! Noni juice contains components that contribute to the normalization of water-fat metabolism in the skin, relieve dryness, peeling and irritation, and support skin immunity. They form a protective layer, which, like a shield, protects it from negative environmental factors. Noni juice strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair loss and dandruff.

Noni juice has become the basis of the cosmetic brand NONICARE. Now everyone can use the secret of the inhabitants of French Polynesia, help their skin — without expensive procedures and synthetic components. The sooner you start using cosmetic products with noni juice, the longer your skin will stay young. Down with wrinkles and sagging, puffiness and puffiness!

Noni juice improves lymphatic drainage and perfectly tones the skin. And all this is due to the fact that natural, easily digestible active substances daily help it remove toxins and toxins, saturate skin cells with vitamins, minerals, carrying out the process of self-healing of the skin.

Useful valuable natural organic nourishing and essential oils, extracts and juices of various plants provide an additional effect of aromatherapy.

NONICARE does not contain synthetic components potentially hazardous to humans and the environment, fragrances, dyes, preservatives, mineral oils, components of animal origin.

This is confirmed by international quality standards BDIH (Germany) and COSMOS-standard, the main principles of which are not to harm human health and preserve the environment.


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