Combs Chicago Comb Co. — premium men’s accessory. A talking piece of masculine style, such as a classic watch or elegant cufflinks, it reflects taste and constancy.
This product is designed and manufactured in Chicago (USA). Comb Chicago Comb Co. was created to become one of those rarities that is passed down from generation to generation, because time is only good for such things.
Chicago Comb combs are made from carbon, stainless steel and titanium using laser cutting, and polishing is done by hand (the material gets rid of microcracks and will never ruin the hair). I would like to pay special attention to combs made of carbon fiber, a particularly resistant plastic — the teeth of which cannot be broken even if desired.
The advantage of carbon over other materials is due to its outstanding properties. First of all, it is light weight and at the same time amazing strength. The combination of all these advantages in one material makes it unique and indispensable in many industries.
To better understand how one material can have so many wonderful properties, it is necessary to know what carbon is from what and how it is obtained.
Carbon, aka carbon fiber, aka graphite — most often this term means a product made of a composite material using carbon fiber.
A composite is a combination of two or more components with different properties. For example, papier-mache (paper fibers and glue), wood (cellulose fibers and lignin), reinforced plastics (polymer and reinforcing material), reinforced concrete (metal frame and concrete).
By themselves, the components of these materials do not have any unique strength characteristics, but acting in conjunction, they give the material new properties, where the best sides of one material complement the best sides of another. Almost all structures, all tissues of flora and fauna organisms can be considered as composites. Therefore, we can safely say that all the most advanced materials are composite.
Today, such high-tech industries as cosmonautics, aviation, professional sports cannot be imagined without this unique, irreplaceable, beautiful material. The material of the present and the future is carbon fiber.
When you purchase Chicago Comb you can be sure you are getting the very best. The entire range of Chicago Combs carbon and metal combs are made from the highest quality and safest materials — all made in the USA. You will use a comb every day for many years. For a small investment, you can get an amazing product that you will be proud of all your life.


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