The effectiveness of the trap to kill cockroaches

The trap is effective against cockroaches thanks to its unique food attractant formula, super sticky surface, durable construction and long life.

The special water-repellent coating allows the traps to catch all types of cockroaches, including red cockroaches and black cockroaches, outdoors and indoors.

The trap contains food bait for cockroaches, in the form of a special tablet size, a secret compound that beckons them like a drug.

Super adhesive surface securely holds insects that got into it.

Unique trap duration! The trap remains equally effective for 6 months from the date of its installation.

Convenient size of the Panko glue trap.

The low height of the Panko makes it ideal for placement near water pipes, under/behind cabinets and various furniture, in hard-to-reach and cockroach-infested areas.

Easy to use:

1. Unfold the insect trap (do not unfold the side fields)

2. Remove sticky paper

3. Place the tablet in the middle of the trap (do not crush or break the tablet)

It is so simple! With the help of a convenient window, it is easy to control the state of the trap inside and the number of insects caught.

The Panko cockroach trap is safe and non-toxic.

The glue trap for catching cockroaches is completely safe for people and animals, as it does not contain any insecticides, no harmful and toxic substances.

The bait in the form of a tablet is made from 100% natural ingredients.

ECO product — safe for children, pets and nature.

The packaging is biodegradable.

How do cockroaches get trapped?

The innovative tablet, made up of natural nutrients and other unique ingredients, acts like a magnet for cockroaches. The mixture of ingredients in the tablet has been formulated to attract insects immediately. The tablet has a light aroma of coffee, a barely perceptible smell for humans, but very attractive for cockroaches. Despite the fact that there will already be cockroaches in the trap, the relatives will not see the threat, because the bait exudes a smell that they cannot resist.

Our trap is ready to kill cockroaches at home or even on the street!

Professionals recommend using the Panko trap to monitor cockroaches, catch them and protect the premises from their appearance and reproduction.

Once developed for the professional pest control industry, Panko Cockroach Control is now available for home use! In addition to using this trap at home, you can install it in the food industry and any other industries, in hospitals, schools, kindergartens, hotels, kitchens, restaurants and cafes, shops and warehouses.

For the convenience of monitoring, there is a special field for filling in the date and place of installation, as well as for contact details by whom it was installed. The client can contact you when the cockroach trap is full or if they need to set up more traps.

Even if a single cockroach appears in your kitchen, our effective trap will catch it before it starts to multiply.

The product is designed and manufactured in Europe, not in China.

Thanks to this, you can be sure of the quality and reliability of our products. Only high-quality and non-toxic materials are used for creation.

For the effective and correct use of the cockroach trap, recommendations for its installation and use are placed on the packaging.

Where to place the glue trap from Panko cockroaches.

Our trap has a very convenient size, can catch cockroaches and at the same time be hidden from the prying eyes of your guests.

The low height of the Panko trap makes it ideal for placement under cabinets and behind furniture.

Traps should be located in the habitats of cockroaches:

-In the kitchen — place traps where food particles can remain and where there is access to water: under the sink near the pipes, under the table, under / between cabinets, behind the stove, in the corners, under / behind the refrigerator.

— In the bathroom — near the pipes, under the tub.

— In the pantry — on the shelves, in the corners, near the walls.

-On the street (In the garden) — in places where cockroaches are most concentrated or how they enter the house.

With our Panko cockroach traps, you can quickly and effectively get rid of these nasty insects! They are non-toxic, easy to use and 100% effective.


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