In the modern world, bedding sets are made from different types of fabrics, which are ultimately divided into natural and artificial.

The main advantage of 100% polyester sets is low cost. But is it worth saving on the quality of your sleep? Artificial fabrics accumulate static electricity, and also, as a rule, have increased rigidity. But one of the biggest disadvantages of such bedding is the extremely low ability to pass air and water. Thus, in a dream, our body will not be sufficiently saturated with oxygen, and the released sweat will remain on the skin. All these factors affect your beauty, health and comfort.

Natural fabrics are devoid of such shortcomings. The most common materials are silk and cotton. There are many types of cotton thread weaving, for example, coarse calico, poplin, satin, etc.

Coarse calico and poplin are more budgetary fabrics, inferior to satin in terms of wear resistance, smoothness and shine. They have a rough surface. Coarse calico has a simple weave and is far behind in density.

Satin is fundamentally different from coarse calico and poplin in weaving technology. A twisted front thread is woven into every fourth thread. This gives the fabric increased strength and a luxurious sheen comparable to the sheen of silk, but at the same time the smoothness of satin is not so high, so it will not slip during use. Bed linen made of satin looks noble and expensive. And the cost is much lower than the cost of bed linen made of silk.

Another significant plus is the durability of the material and unpretentious care. High-quality satin can withstand up to 300 washes without deformation and shrinkage. And also practically does not wrinkle during operation, which will always maintain a neat appearance.

Satin is able to perfectly retain heat, which is especially important in the autumn-winter season.

Our sets are made of premium Uzbek cotton. They are characterized by increased softness and silky texture. This makes sleep really comfortable, useful and cozy, and also adds sophistication to the interior of the bedroom.

Satin bedding is more expensive than poplin, coarse calico, and even more so sets made from non-natural fabrics. But by choosing this particular material, you will get a practical, durable and elegant thing.

Life hack: choose a duvet cover with buttons, not zippers. They often fail, and the kit loses its presentable appearance.


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