When going on vacation, sometimes we take with us a lot of unnecessary things that, in our opinion, can come in handy. Everyone decides for himself what to take with him, and we will tell you exactly what you need to leave.

“I have two more dresses left”

You should not be like the mother of Uncle Fyodor from the cartoon and take evening dresses and stilettos to the sea. Choose a wrinkle-resistant dress that will look appropriate in any situation.


It is generally better to leave such shoes at home. Often the embankments and squares of European resort towns are lined with paving stones and walking on stilettos is uncomfortable and fatal for shoes. If the situation requires just such shoes, you can always buy inexpensive shoes.

Jewels and decorations

Leave with evening dresses, boas and stilettos at home. During the day, jewelry is considered bad form and, in addition, it is not safe to transport and store them.

hair dryer

In any hotel there is this simple household appliance. And you save space in your luggage.

Travel iron

Or even worse and harder — the usual. You can also find in the hotel or use the ironing service. Little life hack: hang things on a coat hanger in the bathroom when you take a shower. Hot steam will help smooth out wrinkles on clothes like a steam generator.

Sneakers and sportswear

If you don’t run at home in the morning and running is not part of your morning ritual, don’t take too much on the road.

Packing a suitcase

Beach mat and towels

Pick up at the hotel. Now this service is the norm even for the simplest guest house.

beach toys

The same as with rugs. Children will be happy to be given inflatable circles, mattresses and buckets with scoops at the hotel. Do you want yours? Buy on the spot and leave at the hotel on the day of departure. Or give to any child on the beach.

Decorative cosmetics

Your skin needs rest too. Leave everything at home except powder, mascara, and lip gloss. Foundation may not suit your beautiful beach tan and make your skin look unnatural.

But for sunscreen, do not spare a place in your suitcase!

Care cosmetics

Take only what you always use and in a mini format. Better yet, buy a local product. Trying new things is always fun!


Take it electronically. Easy, lots and new!

If you like to rustle the pages, buy it locally and leave it at the hotel. Or just give it to a stranger.


If it rains, buy an umbrella on the spot. And before departure, do as with a book — give it to a passerby. Or take it with you as a souvenir from your vacation instead of another magnet.

In the airport

Go on vacation with a light mood and a suitcase!


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