Our piggy banks are not only a vessel for saving money, but also an interior decoration, a toy and an original case for a more expensive gift. Don’t choose one thing, take it all!

Treat your loved ones, loved ones, or yourself.

Piggy bank «House» is made of birch plywood and stylized as a village house. Patterns and words on the piggy bank are applied by laser burning, so the house has a pleasant smell of burnt wood and is environmentally friendly, like all our piggy banks.

The house can be used as a piggy bank, as an interior decoration or as a toy for a child. The slot for bills and coins is located on the roof. Filling can be checked (see) through the windows. And it is easy to withdraw money through the door, which is closed with a padlock.

Piggy bank in the form of a chest with the inscription «Stash» is stylized as an old chest. It is also perfect as an independent gift, a toy for a child, where a child can hide his treasures. The piggy bank can be colored. The chest is closed with a padlock.

Another no less interesting piggy bank in the form of a book, namely the «Savings book». A well-known little thing has taken on a new look. The piggy bank can easily fit bills folded in half, as well as coins. It is easy to extract accumulations, because. The book has a large door and closes with a padlock.

Very interesting novelty kupyurnitsa. Made in the form of a certain envelope for money, but from natural birch plywood. The banknote can become an independent gift, an envelope for money for a wedding, anniversary or any other holiday, and you can also give watches, jewelry, gift certificates, subscriptions in a banknote. And the inscription or pattern on the banknote will be «the cherry on the cake.» Any person will be pleased to receive such an original gift, and if there is a surprise inside, they will remember it for a long time. Rejoice the people you love.

Give gifts with pleasure!


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