The harmonious development of the child’s personality, the issue when working with which, parents try to load the child to the fullest. The endless series of sections and studios in which the baby is engaged will have a beneficial effect on him. But do not forget that he receives the main education within the family. The overall development of a young child depends on how rich his leisure time will be. Children’s toys are indispensable helpers for moms and dads.

Mandatory age skills Each child is unique and individual. But there are a number of generally accepted features by which adults determine whether everything is fine with his thinking. Teachers and parents should know what a child should be able to do at 6 and what he should be able to do at 7 years old.

Features of age development:

• thinking of children 3 years old: visual and effective;

• thinking of a child of 4 years old: visual-figurative;

• thinking of a child of 5 years: verbal-logical;

• thinking of a child of 6 years old: stability of attention during this period allows you to independently set goals and ways to achieve them (in the game, of course);

•​thinking of children aged 7: logical — with the first attempts at an analytical understanding of reality (not only in the game).

From what kind of development of the child in each particular period, his further success in learning depends. Sometimes children with developmental disabilities find it difficult to perform logic tests, but easily solve practical problems. To avoid imbalance, experts recommend more actively involving such children in role-playing children’s educational games — for greater socialization.

It is also possible to stimulate the early development of a child through developing play sets that open up scope for imagination and modeling. It is no coincidence that the teachers of six-year-olds from the beginning of the new year in a preschool decide what to give the children for graduation in the garden. As a rule, they opt for interactive board games or look for interesting gifts for children.

So, the intellectual preschool development of children will be harmonious if parents actively involve games for the development of children. An interesting fact: good intelligence has a beneficial effect on the development of brain tissue.


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