The last school bell rang, the children throw the backpack on the mezzanine and take it out only by September 1. But you can use knapsacks in the summer. Using the example of the RAp GRIZZLY line, let’s consider what a backpack should be like so that children do not part with it in the summer.

Like children

First of all, the backpack should be liked by children. Otherwise, they simply won’t wear it. Unfortunately, parents do not always have time to follow fashion trends.

Design with princesses and superheroes today is only suitable for first graders. The idols of modern children are not cartoon characters, but popular bloggers. Minimalism and strict forms are gradually moving from adult to children’s fashion.

GRIZZLY models of the RAp series do not resemble children’s, but business backpacks. If earlier children were ordinary schoolchildren, now they try on the images of startups and business women. The child wears such a backpack with pleasure — he is ready not to part with them even in summer.

Not only suitable for books and notebooks

In an ordinary school backpack there are several compartments: for books, notebooks and accessories. Often there are built-in organizers and pockets. These are great solutions for school models. But this approach has a downside.

The inner space of the backpack is delimited. If we want to take some bulky things with us, they simply won’t fit inside. Therefore, in the summer we always have to choose what we can take with us and what not.

GRIZZLY backpacks of the RAp series have one spacious compartment with a divider for books and notebooks. The divider is fastened to the back with a regular Velcro. If necessary, we can unfasten it and fold it. You are no longer limited by the volume of small compartments — you can even take something voluminous with you. When you go for a walk or visit, the child carries his own things — he gets used to independence.

Can be used for flights

If you are going on vacation, it is convenient to take a school backpack with you in hand luggage to the cabin of the aircraft. It is small and easy to carry around. Plus, you can put things in it that you will need during the flight. But not every backpack is allowed to be taken with you in the hand luggage of the aircraft.

When developing school backpacks of the RAp series, we took into account the requirements of all popular air carriers. These models can be taken with you on the plane. No need to buy a separate bag for the flight.

When you arrive at the resort, the child carries his own accessories. No more arguing about whether to take another toy with you or not to take it. If the children agree to carry one more thing with them, let them take it.

Not afraid to get dirty

When you go somewhere with children, you have everything under control. Now imagine that the child is going on a camping trip or summer camp. Give him a new backpack with you? Usually the answer is no.

Parents are afraid that children will tear or hopelessly stain a new thing. GRIZZLY technologists are aware of such concerns and do their best to minimize the risks.

In the backpacks of the RAp series, the handle was not sewn on, but made one with the main part of the body. If in ordinary backpacks children manage to tear off the handles, here it is almost impossible. The straps are reinforced with double seams for a secure fit. The material is treated with moisture and dirt-repellent impregnation. On a hike, the backpack will definitely get dirty, and you can restore its appearance with a regular damp cloth or soapy water.

Saves energy

Often summer holidays end with children’s whims: “I’m tired”, “I can’t do it anymore”, “let’s go home”. Especially when you have to carry something heavy in your backpack. To avoid this, pay attention to the design features of the back and straps.

In the GRIZZLY backpacks of the RAp series, we made a rigid anatomical back and wide anatomical shoulder straps. The load is evenly distributed on the back and shoulders — children get tired less. And this design serves as a prevention of scoliosis.

There is a distance between the anatomical pillows on the back. They form channels through which air circulates. The child’s back sweats less. Even in hot summer weather, the skin remains dry.

In the article, we talked about what opportunities for summer holidays you have if you choose the right backpack. These are just additional options. The RAp series we reviewed is for the school. Accordingly, after an active summer holiday, children with the same backpacks go to school on September 1.


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