Every girl should have an individual facial skin care that suits her skin type. But there are a few «general» beauty products that should be in any cosmetic bag or on any dressing table. Pharmaceutical cosmetics brand 8.1.8 BEAUTY FORMULA understands what these care products are and why they are so needed.


Washing is the most important step after a busy day when the skin needs to be cleansed of heavy cosmetics. In addition to removing make-up with micellar water, it is important to cleanse the skin with foam, and then fix the cleansing with a good lotion or tonic.

You can wipe with lotion / tonic not only the face, but also the neck, as well as the décolleté area.

Cleansing lotion for oily and problematic sensitive skin from 8.1.8 BEAUTY FORMULA perfectly copes with these tasks. It tightens pores, reduces inflammation, evens out the relief and complexion, but does not dry out or tighten the skin. Tonic from the B. Moisture line is great for very dry and hypersensitive skin.

Daily cream

Day cream is the main morning care step, which in no case should be skipped. It moisturizes the skin and prepares it for the application of makeup, and also protects throughout the day from negative external influences. For example, from ultraviolet radiation, which at any time of the year (and not just in summer) affects the skin, which can cause signs of photoaging to appear faster. Therefore, it is so important that a good cream also has a sunscreen effect.

Apply the cream to clean skin of the face along the massage lines.

For daily use, an antioxidant cream with a complex of vitamins from 8.1.8 BEAUTY FORMULA is perfect. It allows the skin to breathe, gently nourishes, soothes and does not leave a feeling of tightness. And thanks to its light velvety texture, it evenly lies on the skin and serves as an excellent base for make-up. The cream contains SPF factor 10 — a barrier to direct sunlight. The vitamin complex in the composition of the product protects the skin from stress and premature aging, and also prevents inflammation.

Cream for delicate skin around the eyes

In the area around the eyes, the skin is especially thin and delicate, so mimic wrinkles and “crow’s feet” quickly form there. Lack of sleep can cause bags under the eyes, and the eyelids tend to swell. Therefore, ordinary day and night creams are not suitable for the skin around the eyes; more delicate care is needed here.

When applying the cream, use light driving motions — this will improve blood flow and reduce swelling.

Antioxidant cream from 8.1.8 BEAUTY FORMULA strengthens and smoothes young and delicate skin around the eyes, removes traces of stress, puffiness and corrects dark circles. All thanks to the peptide complex in the composition of the product. It effectively nourishes and tones the skin, becomes a barrier to the first age-related changes, protects from external irritants. Due to the fresh fluid texture, the cream is instantly absorbed into the skin.

Night cream

At night, the skin is restored more actively than during the day. This is where the night cream helps. It usually differs from the daily babouta large number of active ingredients. During the night, the cream saturates the skin with moisture, nourishes, smoothes wrinkles, removes signs of fatigue and stress. It causes the skin to regenerate, acting on its deep layers, helps to remove inflammation and soothe irritations. It is recommended to apply the night cream one hour before bedtime. So he has time to be absorbed and will not leave marks on the pillow.

Due to its light texture, the cream quickly penetrates the skin and softens it.

Your skin needs support in the form of 8.1.8 BEAUTY FORMULA Antioxidant Repair Night Cream. It accelerates the renewal process and prevents the aging of young skin, erases signs of fatigue and stress, and deeply moisturizes. The skin is smoothed, becomes elastic — and in the morning you see a rested and radiant face in the mirror.

Purifying mask

In addition to washing, toning and moisturizing, the skin also needs to be cleansed. After all, every day the face is loaded not only with cosmetics, but also with a large amount of dust and other contaminants that clog pores and become inflammation catalysts. It is not necessary to go to a beautician for skin cleansing. You can do it yourself at home with the help of cleansing masks.

You will notice how, after applying the mask, the oily sheen disappears, redness decreases, the pores become less visible, and the complexion becomes fresh.

To cleanse the skin, use the 8.1.8 BEAUTY FORMULA sebum-regulating mask 1-2 times a week, which is suitable for oily, problematic and sensitive skin. The mask deeply cleanses, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands and tightens pores, and thanks to liposalicylic acid, zinc and vitamin B₂, it has an antiseptic effect. Apply the mask on clean skin for 10-20 minutes, and rinse off the residue with warm water.

Choose the right products — and you will see how the condition of your skin improves.


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