1. Wet wipes. Children are restless, and that’s good. Do not feed bread, but let me grab something, rub myself somewhere, fall somewhere. And to help mom, there should always be wet wipes with which you can erase all this evil spirits.

2. Candy 😊. You go you go with your child, and something suddenly upset him. And he gave you a tantrum all over the street, and you casually told him: “Do you want candy?” And he forgot about his tragedy, and he walks happy already with candy in his mouth …

3. A small emergency first-aid kit, in which a patch, a healing cream (during periods of high morbidity — medical masks)

4. Bottle of water. «Mom, I’m thirsty!» You can hear anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it is better to stock up on a miracle drink in advance.

5. Pen and notebook.

6. Documents (meaning not for an apartment, of course).

What is always in your purse?

Say: “What kind of discrimination, why not a word about dad!?” Yes, because it’s enough for dad if he has a bank card in his purse / pocket, which sometimes works small miracles.


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