Of course, the circumstances of the current year have made adjustments to the plans of many people, including plans for foreign trips. But gradually the world is returning to the normal rhythm of life, many countries are opening their borders. Russia was no exception. Currently, departure is already open to such countries as Turkey, Great Britain, Tanzania, Switzerland, Abkhazia, Maldives, UAE, Egypt.

Together with the beginning of the school year, the issue of the possibility of underage children traveling abroad without adult accompaniment has again become relevant. Many resume trips to sports camps, competitions, someone plans to study abroad, sightseeing trips. But does the law provide for the possibility of children traveling abroad unaccompanied by an adult? We understand the details of this issue together with the Lawyers of PRAVOCARD.

First of all, it should be noted that the legislator provides for several options for the departure of a minor citizen of Russia abroad:

When traveling abroad, the child is accompanied by at least one parent.

In this case, parents often have a question, is the written consent of the second parent who does not travel with the child required? The answer is no. The law does not provide for the need to obtain consent from the second parent. Thus, the child can travel abroad with mom or dad without providing additional documents.

Departure without adult accompaniment.

The law allows the departure of a minor citizen of Russia abroad without adult accompaniment. But, in this case, a number of conditions must be met. The main thing is to provide, when passing through passport control, a notarized consent to the departure of a minor from Russia.

Consent is issued by the parents of the child in advance. To do this, you must personally contact the notary office and provide the original parents’ passports, the child’s birth certificate, the child’s foreign passport, as well as information about the planned trip, information about the persons who will accompany the child on the trip. It is important to know that all the countries that the child plans to visit must be indicated in the consent. To do this, parents must provide the notary with detailed information about the planned trip. At the same time, if you plan, for example, to visit several countries in the Schengen area, you still need to indicate all the countries into which the child will enter.

Also, the consent must specify the period of its validity. The law provides for the possibility of issuing consent for a certain period, for example, strictly according to the dates of the planned trip, or you can specify a long period of validity — one or two years. Long-term consent is recommended if frequent trips are planned, for example, to sports competitions. The wording is also possible — «until the date of reaching the age of majority.»

Only one parent can give consent; both parents do not need to be present. But you need to know that if the second parent is against the departure of the child abroad, he can issue a ban on the departure of the minor abroad. To do this, the parent must submit an application for disagreement to travel to the Department for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. After receiving the application, information about the restriction of exit will be sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the border control points and the child will not be able to leave. Removal of the travel ban is possible only in court at the request of one of the parents.

It should be noted that the above rules and the possibility of minors traveling abroad without adults do not apply to children under 2 years old. Travel of children under 2 years old is possible only accompanied by parents.

PRAVOCARD lawyers recommend following the rules described above, and then your trips will definitely go according to plan and bring you and your children a lot of new knowledge and vivid impressions!

If you need legal advice, you can contact the lawyers of PRAVOCARD. They are always ready to help you.


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