Look for analogues in the Russian Federation, of course.

Here, for example, where to buy kitchen utensils? The same containers, so necessary both at home, and in the country, and in nature, and for my husband to collect lunch in the office?

Look at the beauty we make in Vladivostok. Set of 4 pieces. Article 81265001.

1. The design is cozy, the price is reasonable (because «ours», we do not carry from afar)

2. Without the «Chinese» smell of plastic

3. The lid is tight, the plastic is tight. Even in a suitcase, even in a bag — things and products will be intact and will not spill

4. The broth in such a container can be heated in the microwave and thrown into the freezer for preservation

Clean in the dishwasher too.

Fly in, don’t be lazy, buy painting (C)


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