Most shoe buyers, regardless of foot size, foot shape, or shoe cost, are familiar with the situation when a new pair of shoes rubs a lot. Here are a few ways to help prevent this problem.

Shoes rub toes

A common cause of this problem is the inappropriate shape of the toe of shoes.

Too narrow pinches the fingers and causes chafing.

To avoid this problem, you can use special silicone finger separators.

Shoes rub the heel

The appearance of this problem is facilitated by hard backs of shoes and boots or the shape of the back that is initially inappropriate for you.

The problem is less likely to occur in footwear made of soft genuine leather.

Shoemakers can soften the heel with tools.

Special pencils will also help to reduce the risk of corns. Be proactive: lubricate vulnerabilities in advance with these products.

Shoes rub the foot

The appearance of rubbing on the sides of the foot indicates that the matched pair is too tight for you. You have chosen the wrong size for your shoes.

To alleviate suffering will allow special orthopedic pads.

Place the pads at the point of greatest pressure when walking.

How to choose the right shoes that will not rub?

Choose shoes in the afternoon, when the legs have already acquired a slight swelling. This will give you a more accurate fit.

Consider the shape and fullness of the foot. If you choose a model that is too narrow, you risk never breaking it in and getting pretty worn out.

Don’t be afraid to walk around the store a bit. It is important to evaluate the fit of the shoe as you move. You will immediately feel the problem areas and be able to assess the rigidity of the heel counter.

Shoes made from genuine leather and suede are more likely to conform to the shape of your foot.

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