Perhaps every girl at least once asked a similar question, standing in front of an open wardrobe. At the same time, images appear in your head, combinations of which you mentally try on for yourself. And every time: She makes a choice in favor of comfort and convenience, because the working day is ahead, and after that she needs to have time for training in the gym or go on a romantic date …

There is a solution — basic collection of clothing from the brand «SL rament»!

It includes:

  • classic t-shirt https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/65904685/detail.aspx?targetUrl=WR,
  • tank top https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/65916603/detail.aspx?targetUrl=WR,
  • oversized fashion t-shirt https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/66566368/detail.aspx?targetUrl=WR.

You choose quality at affordable prices. The basic collection is ideally combined with an office suit, trousers, skirt, jeans of different styles. Now you will never have a dilemma — to dress beautiful or comfortable.

in clothes «SL raiment» You always look beautiful, fashionable, stylish.

After all, it is not for nothing that the brand’s motto is «You are always gorgeous».

«SL raiment» really cares about you. Here are products made from Premium cotton Peñe’s qualities — This is the highest quality type of knitted fabric with a smooth and elastic surface. Factory tailoring quality, well-balanced pattern, comfortable fit — all this characterizes the collection of basic clothes as a class. LUXURY!

And that’s not all the surprises.

Knowing that a modern girl manages to combine not only work with household chores, «SL raiment» made a compliment — added high-quality elastic band for hair «Japanese silk»! Now you always have a beautiful scrunchie at hand, which will come in handy in fitness classes, yoga, as well as complement and diversify your look for work or a date.

Now we can say with certainty — «I have something to wear!».

And thanks for that «SL raiment» .

With love and care for you!


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