Yoga and stretching are types of fitness in which special attention is paid to the body and its reactions to certain exercises. Therefore, it is very important to choose the most comfortable clothes for this kind of activity that do not distract from training. How to do this, read below.

  1. Material

Women’s clothing for yoga and stretching should have good moisture absorption, allow the skin to breathe, and also have optimal elasticity. These parameters are fully consistent with a fabric consisting of cotton with the addition of nylon, polyester, elastane and other similar synthetic materials.

  1. Top of the suit

The most important thing in choosing a top is comfort. Therefore, depending on the type of yoga and the intensity of stretching, you can choose a top, T-shirt, T-shirt or light tunic. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and the clothes do not restrict movement. You can see the options on the site:

  1. Bottom of the suit

The lower part of the women’s suit must also meet the above requirements. For yoga, in particular, clothes such as harem pants are suitable — loose-fitting trousers. However, a too voluminous bottom can create some problem — you can easily get confused in the abundance of fabric, and this also makes it difficult for the instructor to control. Therefore, leggings, shorts or tight-fitting sweatpants are ideal. You can purchase them on our website:

Using our tips, you can easily choose the perfect women’s sportswear for yoga and stretching and feel comfortable throughout your workout.


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