Style, convenience, functionality — these are the three characteristics that are always paid attention to when choosing a smart watch. While experts from all sides say that preference should be given to the most expensive, most fashionable models, remember that there are also affordable smart watches. Which will easily prove that all three main indicators can be contained in a spectacular and inexpensive form. In this text, we will talk about the possibilities of smart Prolike PLSW1004BLwhich cost less than three thousand rubles.

How do they look

Prolike PLSW1004BL has received a universal design that suits men, women, and even children. The watch is light — it weighs only 37.5 g. Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 44mm weighs almost the same, but Casio with a metal bracelet is 96 grams heavier.

Such lightness was achieved thanks to the case made of reinforced plastic. The Prolike watch is IP67 water resistant. This means that you can swim and take a shower in them.

The strap length of the Prolike is 26 cm, it is adjustable, so the watch is suitable for both thin and wide wrists. At the same time, the small pitch of the holes will allow them not to hang out on the hand. The belt material is soft silicone that does not get dirty. Even to the touch it is very pleasant.

What screen do they have

The watch screen will immediately remind many of the famous Apple Watch. But a similar form factor only confirms the convenience of this dial design: maximum information, convenient button layout and navigation.

The diagonal of the touch screen is 1.3 inches, and the resolution is 240 x 240. The display does not occupy the entire front surface of the case, as is done with most flagship watches. However, the frame around the screen is quite thin and is not visible during inactive use.

Prolike is a watch with a bright display. To make numbers and text visible even on a sunny day, the brightness can be adjusted. The dial is covered with a special glass with a protective layer against scratches and grease.

What can this watch do?

Prolike watches attract with wide functionality of smart watches and fitness trackers. All in a compact form and with the possibility of deep data analytics in the application.

Smart features include:

• Receiving notifications from a smartphone (WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, etc.);
• Management of music playback;
• Camera shutter control;
• Receiving e-mails;
• Various sports modes;
• Using the calendar.

Prolike watches measure:

• Pulse;
• Blood pressure;
• The level of oxygen in the blood;
• Number of steps taken;
• Number of calories burned;
• Sleep indicators.

Although medical accuracy cannot be expected from a small watch, but, according to user reviews on the network, the indicators are very close to real, if you compare them with what a tonometer or oximeter will show. But remember that all medical data here are advisory in nature.

If you are losing weight or gaining weight, the watch has several training modes. They count time, activity and calories burned. Thanks to its water resistance, these modes even include swimming.

Will they fit my smartphone

Prolike syncs with Android and iOS. They are also very easy to link to the application, so they fit perfectly with most smartphones. Data from the watch (health, activity, sleep, etc.) can be found in the application on the phone.

How many times do I have to charge them

Battery life is a fundamental indicator for any wearable device. And even the most advanced smartwatch models can rarely last several days without recharging. But for Prolike, this is not a problem. With a 170 mAh battery, the watch lasts 5 to 7 days on a single charge. For comparison, the popular Mi Band 4 received 135 mAh, and the Xiaomi watch has a much smaller screen than the Prolike. You can fully charge Prolike in 60 minutes.

What are the impressions from using Prolike watches?

Wearing Prolike is very comfortable, they are almost invisible and do not feel like an additional accessory. You can sleep, shower and swim with them. The design looks great with business or casual attire, without drawing attention or disrupting style.

There is a lot of information immediately waiting for you in the application, so you can spend about an hour studying the indicators and options. Communication with a smartphone is maintained well, the watch does not disconnect if it is in a pocket, bag or backpack. At home, even in the next room, Prolike keeps the connection and sends information to the smartphone, and you receive notifications.

They may well keep charging longer than the period promised by the manufacturer, if you do not check the pulse every 15 minutes.

The main thing is that the system works very quickly and does not slow down. So all their tasks Prolike perform flawlessly.

The optimal price, spectacular design and a wide range of functions make Prolike PLSW1004BL An ideal gift first of all to yourself, and only then to friends and relatives.


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