Working days are coming to an end, many are heading to the country to spend the weekend there. And what often spoils the rest in the cold season? Heating of a country house not turned on in time or a sharp cold snap. But no one wants to spend the weekend shivering from the cold. We will not consider means of heating such as a furnace and gas batteries. Gas is not supplied to every site for a variety of reasons, and the stove, even if you have it, is not able to quickly create a comfortable temperature, with all due respect to this structure. Today we will analyze the two most popular and efficient electric heaters for a country house.

For comparison, let’s take devices from the same manufacturer and approximately the same cost: a heat gun with a ceramic heater Denzel DHC 2-100 and an electric convector Denzel XCE-2000.

Electric convector Denzel XCE-2000
Let’s start with similar qualities. Both devices, as we have already understood, are designed for space heating and are powered by electricity. The power of both the gun and the convector is 2 kW, and there and there it is possible to switch to 1 kW mode and a built-in thermostat to automatically maintain the set temperature in the room. That is, you don’t need to constantly run up and turn the regulators, this is a plus for both participants in the comparison. DHC 2-100 and XCE-2000 do not dry out the air. In the cannon, this is possible thanks to the ceramic heater, and the X-shaped heating element helps the convector in this.

This pair equally boasts protection systems — the convector instantly turns off when it overturns and overheats, which eliminates the risk of fire hazards. The heat gun, in turn, is equipped with a bimetallic reusable thermal protection that turns off the heating element in case of overheating, while the fan continues to operate to ensure cooling to a safe temperature level.

It’s time to tell you how these devices differ.

Heat gun with ceramic heater Denzel DHC 2-100:

— Heating area up to 20 square meters.
— The gun can be used as a means for additional heating with an ambient temperature in the range from -10 to +40 ° C, or ventilation of the room, thanks to a separate mode and an efficient built-in fan. To do this, switch the left switch to the ventilation mode, and set the thermostat to the Max position.
— The air flow is distributed in a certain direction. The case is tilt adjustable. The heat gun provides forced air circulation in the room.
— The DHC 2-100 weighs only 1.9 kg and features a handy carrying handle.
— The device is usually placed on the floor, and if necessary, on a table or window sill.
— The device will make a noise comparable to the operation of an air conditioner during operation.
— Parts of the body heat up noticeably, so be careful when touching.

Electric convector Denzel XCE-2000:

— Heats the area up to 25 square meters.
— XCE-2000 can be used as a primary or secondary heat source in a room with an ambient temperature in the range of -30 to +40 °C.
— Air circulation during convector operation is called natural. Heat is distributed throughout the room evenly.
— The device weighs 6.2 kg, it can be installed both on the floor and hung on the wall using a convenient and reliable all-metal frame included in the mounting kit. The heater does not take up space and fits into the interior.
— The electric heater is absolutely silent, because. it does not contain elements that emit sound or vibration.
— The heating of the body is weak and this minimizes the risk of burns.

What conclusion can be drawn from the above? Of these two network-operated devices, the Denzel DHC 2-100 heat gun copes with the task of heating the room faster, but the XCE-2000 convector operates absolutely silently and distributes heat in a natural way. In the most effective way, both devices will prove themselves with joint efforts. First, we achieve the necessary “weather” in the house with the help of a gun, and the convector will be responsible for maintaining it. It is better to leave the latter working for a long time, setting the desired temperature and power of work in advance. By the way, it will be more economical. In any case, the main thing is to be warm and comfortable.

What device do you use or plan to buy?


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