We are waiting for the May holidays, and many at this time go to the country: so children and adults will have the opportunity not to sit in the apartment, but to go outside to their own courtyard. We figure out what you need to take with you so that your stay in nature is comfortable for both children and adults who often worry about babies.

Mosquitoes protection

With the advent of heat, mosquitoes begin to show activity, and the easiest prey for them is children. So that the baby does not suffer after a mosquito bites him, it is better to pre-treat clothes and exposed skin with special repellents. Most popular repellents are based on diethyltoluamide (DEET). It is an organic compound with an insecticidal effect. Its main task is to make a person, as it were, invisible to an insect. Remember that the percentage of DEET in the composition of the repellent should not exceed 30.

Wet wipes

It is possible to go hiking with a child, but you need to stock up on wet wipes in case the baby falls or gets dirty. Then you don’t have to run into the house to wash the child, but you can safely further explore the expanses of the garden.

Cap and sunscreen

If the kid spends most of the day in the fresh air, he just needs a cap or panama hat from the sun. After all, children’s skin is very delicate, and it is very easy to get a sunburn right now. Therefore, cover the child’s face with a cap or panama, and also do not forget about exposed skin — either wear long-sleeved pants and blouses, or treat the skin with children’s sun creams.

Don’t forget sun cream!

Rubber boots

If it rains, and after that the baby wants to go for a walk, he will not be afraid of any puddles. So rubber boots are a great investment in the good mood of the crumbs!

Windbreaker or padded jacket

It’s good if you go to the country and the weather is good, but if it rains, then it would be nice to take a warm jacket or a fleece windbreaker with you. It will be sad if the baby gets sick, and it becomes warm outside for walking.


In case the kid wants to take a walk in the rain, a raincoat is definitely needed. Choose bright and colorful, because in gray weather it is always nice to see a bright “chicken”.

IMPORTANT! Do not forget about the first aid kit for babies: be sure to take ointment for burns and cuts, bactericidal plasters, hydrogen peroxide, iodine and bandages, cotton pads or cotton wool, as well as something for allergies. Be healthy and have fun!


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