If you want to tidy up not only the hair on your head, but also your beard, then the WAHL hybrid machines of the series hair & beard — this is what you need!

The machines of this line are equipped with a 40 mm wide knife block, which is great for cutting hair on the head and on the face. In addition, the Hair & Beard models are lighter in weight than standard machines, making them comfortable to use for longer periods of time. You can refresh the haircut and shape of the beard at the same time.

quick release knives can be washed underwater for easy cleaning.

Both cars work both from the Ni-MH accumulator, and from a network if you suddenly forget to charge the car in advance.

typewriter Hair&Beard LED (9698-1016) equipped with a charge indicator light, and the model Hair&Beard LCD (9697-1016) — a digital indicator showing the remaining charge in%.

Included In addition to the machine itself, there are 8 nozzles (3, 6, 9, 12, 16, 19, 22 and 25 mm), a protective nozzle for knives, a storage case, knife oil, and a cleaning brush.


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