Do you still brush your teeth with toothpaste? So you just haven’t heard of dentifrice powder. Or heard, but do not know what its advantage is? Now we’ll tell you.

Now more and more people care not only about the cleanliness of the oral cavity, but also about the safety of this process. And it’s wonderful! So it is important to pay attention not only to the taste and color, but also to the content. Almost all pastes have a high content of surfactants (sodium lauryl sulfate), it is needed to achieve high foaming. And we got used to it from childhood — you brush your teeth = a full mouth of foam. But the fact is that the foam does not affect the cleaning of the teeth, the fight against caries, plaque, etc. in any way. But sodium lauryl sulfate in large quantities cannot be called harmless. It can even provoke stomatitis or small mouth ulcers.

Dental powder is a modern alternative to toothpaste. Why powder and not just powder? Because its particles are so small that they form an incredibly soft and weightless structure. Powder created by a unique French formula. It not only cleans teeth, but also prevents the development of tartar, protects enamel, cares for gums and freshens breath. Also, the Watermelon + Mint powder contains active oxygen, which brightens the accumulated pigments on the enamel.

And what a powder aroma and taste! Mmmm… You’ll understand as soon as you open the jar. Such a juicy watermelon will not leave anyone indifferent!

Now you know what is special about the Watermelon + Mint dentifrice powder, and it is right for you if you want not just clean teeth, but effective and safe care for the entire oral cavity.


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