First of all, the functionality of the room matters. It is worth picking up curtains in soothing colors in the bedroom, because we are relaxing there. On the contrary, you can hang bright curtains in the kitchen. Something solid, emphasizing the status, is suitable for the office. curtains, for example, with cartoon characters. But it may well happen that a 4-year-old kid will like the curtains with Peppa Pig, and for a 7-year-old schoolboy it will already be too “childish.” However, if you are ready to change the curtains after 3 years, then why not No?

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The size of the room is also of great importance. In a small room, it is advisable to hang light curtains, they will visually increase the space. Restrictions impose low ceilings. To prevent the ceiling from “falling” even lower, you should choose curtains with a vertical pattern, for example, stripes.


For some buyers, seasonality matters. Now the fashion trend is to purchase separately sets of summer and winter curtains. Usually summer ones are light, light, and winter ones are dense, heavy.


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