No, this is not a fairy tale. You really come home and notice that the dragon is comfortably lying on the bed. But you should not immediately run to arm yourself in armor in order to defeat a formidable monster. After all, perhaps the monster is quite soft, and most likely others will like it. Probably, it has already become clear that our dragon is a soft pillow-roller.

Many people think that such pillows are just a stylish element of decor for a bedroom or living room, but this is not entirely true. Such an item not only decorates the room, but also allows you to make sleep or rest better and more correct. Previously, such pillows were used only as side supports for an old-style bed or sofa. However, it is no secret that even an ordinary pillow on which we sleep can cause pain in the neck and spine, so a pillow-roller is a great solution for a healthy sleep.

Low physical activity, monotony of work processes, a sedentary lifestyle lead to spinal deformity and cause diseases of the musculoskeletal system. During sleep, it is necessary to create conditions for the spinal column to relax and the opportunity to take its natural position — a bend in the cervical region. The pillow-roller, located under the neck, fixes the spine in the correct position, in which the muscles are completely relaxed. Also, the roller is used not only for the head, but also for relieving pain in the lower back. Properly using such a pillow for sleeping and relaxing, you can avoid serious health problems. For example, for growing children who are just developing a healthy posture, or for young mothers who usually experience great stress when they are in sometimes uncomfortable positions when feeding their babies, this is especially important.


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