The green color is unusually fresh, noble and multifaceted. There are about 370 shades of some, and what can we say about the number of associations that the green color evokes!

Therefore, if in the morning you removed the cucumber circles from your eyes and thought about the depth of green, then this post will help you.

Let’s figure out how they are greeted by green clothes of different shades:

If the choice fell on acid green, then we are dealing with impudent confidence. The readiness to express yourself, raise your head high and show this world your acid manik is your mood for today.

On the other side of the valley of shades, emerald proudly awaits. Stability, well-being, calm — be ready to radiate them if an emerald-colored jacket covers your shoulders on a summer evening.

Apple — oh, how many associations in this shade! Friendly and even loving. Look in such colors will reflect your flirtatiousness and radiance.

Olive — although a pale variety of juicy green, but with a core. The calmness and determination that he radiates will definitely come in handy for significant events.

Green is rich in shades, for which many summer thanks to him! Here, as your darling wishes, there are plenty to choose from.

And the green color calms the person who looks at it. Therefore, quickly choose your green one, and the bonus in the form of peaceful people around will not keep you waiting!


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