For some parents, getting a toddler to wear shoes is a real struggle. Many children refuse to put on new shoes and arrange real «concerts». However, children should learn to wear shoes, at least for safety and hygiene reasons. In this article, we will talk about several useful methods that will help convince your baby to wear shoes.

In the photo, SHOESLELE shoe model, art. 1829

1. Let your baby walk barefoot at home

  • Toddlers learn best to walk when their feet are bare, which helps them feel the ground and develop leg muscles. If your child has just started walking, let him walk barefoot indoors as often as possible.

2. Put thick socks on baby when he walks indoors

  • You can also try putting a thick pair of socks on your baby as a transition to shoes. This can help them feel more comfortable with the feeling of «something» on their feet. Make sure that your socks do not slip on the floor, otherwise such walking may be unsafe.

3. Choose shoes with soft soles so your little one can still feel the ground

  • If your child is ready to wear shoes, try gradually increasing the thickness of the shoes. Start putting slippers or shoes on your child while they play at home.

4. Make sure your shoes are roomy enough

  • It is important that the shoes are spacious enough for your little one, otherwise the pair can squeeze the toes too hard and your little one will simply refuse to put them on. Since your little one’s feet will grow rapidly, it’s best to choose shoes that are a bit large rather than ones that are snug.

5. Explain to your child the importance of wearing shoes

  • Take the time to explain to your toddler why they should wear shoes, such as explaining that shoes protect their feet and keep them clean.

6. Praise your baby when he puts on his shoes.

  • Imagine wearing shoes as a big event in a child’s life. Tell him that he should be proud of taking good care of his feet. Your child will be much more likely to wear shoes if they see them as a fun, positive thing that «earns» them praise.

7. Show your child that you wear shoes too.

  • It is no secret that young children copy the actions and deeds of their parents. When going for a walk, show off your shoe collection and show how you put on your pair, and when you come from the street, put on slippers.
  • So the child will remember that shoes must be worn not only by him, but also by adults. Then, the hostile attitude towards wearing shoes will disappear.

8. Distract your baby while you put shoes on.

  • If your toddler tends to throw a tantrum when you put shoes on him, get in the habit of distracting him.
  • Sing a song to your baby, give him a favorite toy to play with, or just talk to him.
  • Try to make putting on your shoes fun.

9. Set shoe rules and stick to them.

  • Once your child gets a little used to shoes, you should set some ground rules. For example, tell your child that he will wear shoes in certain situations: when he goes to the park, to the mall, or for a walk outside.

10. Let your child have a say in choosing their own shoes.

  • A simple psychological technique (which, by the way, applies not only to shoes) will help you easily negotiate with your child. Choose two pairs that suit you and then give your child the choice of which pair he wants to wear.
  • Thus, you will choose high-quality and comfortable shoes that you and your baby will like.

11. Choose light shoes to make your baby feel more comfortable.

  • Often babies refuse to wear shoes because they are heavy and uncomfortable. Therefore, choosing light, comfortable shoes made of soft material is the best choice for the first steps.

12. Choose shoes according to the season

  • Buy shoes made of breathable, natural and lightweight materials for warmer times so that your baby’s feet are ventilated and he is comfortable playing all day.
  • Give preference only to genuine leather or textile pairs. Shoes made of leatherette and other artificial materials can adversely affect the health of the baby.
  • For winter, choose shoes lined with natural fur or wool (these materials are hypoallergenic and retain heat well). These tips will help you teach your child to walk in shoes, and to make the process as comfortable as possible, choose high-quality genuine leather shoes from the SHOESLEL brand


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