Decorated Christmas trees, spectacular illumination on the streets of the city, gifts, Russian salad and tangerines… It would seem that for all people the New Year is a time of magic, miracles and expectation of something bright. However, there are many people who frankly cannot stand this holiday.

When you meet the coming year alone, just go to bed so as not to spoil your mood. But what if there are children in the family who ask for a holiday? Useful tips will help moms and dads who can not stand the New Year to survive this difficult time.

Why people don’t like New Year’s Eve
To figure out what to do when children ask for a holiday on one of the most hated days of the year for you, you should first find out what the reluctance to celebrate the New Year is connected with. This will allow you to choose the right strategy for subsequent actions.

Why do people hate New Years? Many reasons:

  • the need to cook a lot of dishes for relatives, friends, acquaintances;
  • endless lines in stores and traffic jams;
  • big spending on gifts, products, New Year’s paraphernalia;
  • the persecution of the ubiquitous New Year’s music that gets on your nerves and causes tension and anxiety;
  • the need to choose gifts in such a way that they do not repeat last year’s presents;
  • the need to communicate at family feasts with people who do not cause sympathy;
  • the need to comply with boring and outdated family traditions;
  • panic due to loud noise, fireworks, firecrackers, screams;
  • pre-holiday turmoil and fuss, making you nervous and worried, as well as general fatigue against the backdrop of many urgent matters;
  • traumatic situations experienced in childhood or adolescence associated with the New Year.

To tag or not to tag — that is the question
Of course, mothers and fathers themselves understand that the best way to maintain a stable psycho-emotional state is not to celebrate the New Year they do not like. However, when children appear in the family, everything changes. What to do in this case: celebrate the holiday and go crazy or not celebrate and upset the child?

Experts say that the New Year is, among other things, a holiday for children. And if children do not celebrate it in any way because of the principles of their parents, then in the future it can turn into not only exactly the same hatred for the holiday, but also various mental problems (inferiority complexes, depressions, phobias, neuroses). After all, there are so many bright toys, sweets, lights and a sense of magic around, and the child seems to be expelled from this celebration of life with shame.

Each parent chooses whether or not to celebrate the New Year in a family with a baby. But psychologists are sure: if children are waiting for a holiday, you need to give up your principles at least a little and still give the kids a fairy tale. In addition, this can be done in a compromise format, without experiencing stress, anxiety and financial costs.

Helpful Hints
What can be done if the child repeats how he is waiting for the New Year, and you cannot stand this holiday? Our recommendations will help.

one. Give your child a ticket to a children’s camp right for the New Year holidays. Modern companies even provide vouchers abroad, where children in the company of their peers celebrate the New Year on the beach, at a ski resort, on a trip to interesting places, and then receive gifts. All that remains for you is to just go to bed on New Year’s Eve while the child enjoys.

2. Give the children the opportunity to organize the New Year themselves. Invite them to make their own menu, prepare simple dishes, decorate the Christmas tree, decorate the house with snowflakes, pick up gifts (even if they are ordinary postcards). So you will relieve yourself of some of the responsibilities and involve the children in an interesting process.

3. Buy a ticket to the Christmas tree. Why do kids want a holiday? Of course, because of the gifts and because of Santa Claus! Provide your child with such a holiday. Just a couple of hours a day — and the child is satisfied. In terms of time and money, it is almost not expensive, and the holiday has already been a success.

four. Make your life easier. If the New Year for you is a hundred dishes for one family, and the children ask for a holiday that is impossible for them without Olivier or jelly, order ready-made dishes in a trusted restaurant or cafe. So you keep the tradition and save yourself from a nervous breakdown.

5. Change the scenery. Go with your children to a neighboring town, to a dacha, to a tourist house by the lake — in a word, to any place where everyone can take a break from the hustle and bustle on New Year’s Eve. For children, such trips, as a rule, leave bright and warm memories forever, and parents can be distracted.

They say appetite comes with eating. Perhaps the love for the New Year also comes gradually. When you are an adult and you have children, the New Year willy-nilly breaks into life. And even if you don’t like this holiday, you can compromise with yourself in order to give your children a fairy tale and a positive mood.

To do this, it is not necessary to go into debt to buy expensive gifts or to collect a dinner for one hundred and twenty people. It is enough just to relax and delegate part of the pre-holiday worries to family members — it is easier and more fun together!


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