A new academic year will begin in all educational institutions very soon. All parents and schoolchildren are anxiously waiting and preparing for the onset of September 1. But what if your child is denied enrollment in school? We understand the intricacies of this issue together with the lawyers of PRAVOCARD.

First of all, it should be noted that the Legislator clearly establishes the rules for the admission of citizens to study. In particular, an obligation is established for an educational institution to ensure the admission to school of citizens residing in the territory to which the specified educational organization is assigned. Thus, when choosing a school for a child, parents need to be guided by the address of residence and enroll the baby in an educational institution attached to his registration address.

A legitimate reason for refusing to enroll a child in a school at the place of residence is only the lack of vacant places in an educational institution. Other reasons are not provided by law. In the absence of places in the state or municipal educational organization, the parents of the child must contact the Department of Education of the subject directly to resolve the issue of his placement in another school.

Unfortunately, often parents are also faced with the provision of deliberately false information about the lack of vacant places in the school. If you believe that the information provided to you about the absence of places in an educational institution is incorrect and the reason for your refusal is different, the law provides for the possibility for parents to file a complaint. PRAVOCARD lawyers are ready to help with the preparation of the following documents:

  • Submission of an application, complaint for consideration to a court or prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation;
  • Filing a complaint, an application for consideration to the Department of Education and Science of the subject.

This treatment option, in practice, is the fastest and most effective solution to the problem. The correct algorithm of actions for parents will be to receive a written refusal from the school administration to enroll a child indicating the reason for the refusal and then submit an application, with the refusal attached, for consideration.

If the Department of Education confirms the actual lack of places in the school, then parents will certainly be offered options for enrolling the child in other educational institutions closest to the place of residence.

Usually, these actions on the part of the parents are more than enough to resolve the difficulties that have arisen, and as a rule, only a discussion with the Principal of your intention to contact the Department of Education is enough. But if the Department could not help you, then there is always the opportunity to apply to the prosecutor’s office or the court.


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