Did you know that each person loses about 40,000 skin scales per minute?

Shells are dead horny skin cells that have passed their small but very rich life. They separate one by one, and new cells come in their place.

If everything is in order with the body, this process proceeds imperceptibly and in a very organized manner. But sometimes peeling becomes obvious: dandruff, excessive dryness of the skin, etc.

First of all, this is due to inflammation of the epidermis. It leads to accelerated cell exfoliation as the body wants to get rid of something: an irritant, an allergen, a microbe, or dryness. And the skin believes that it will get rid of this burden faster if it accelerates the process of cell transformation.

To prevent flaky skin, try:
▫️drink enough water
▫️ eat right (lack of vitamin A and E greatly affects the condition of the skin)
▫️use masks (fabric or hydrogel)
▫️ use moisturizing creams and gels;
▫️ and, of course, do not neglect skin care (creams, essences, toners, ampoules and serums are designed to moisturize and care for the skin)

▫️ do not forget about sheet masks, because they can quickly bring your skin in order!


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