Velcro is the most convenient closure option, especially for children’s shoes. After some time of use, Velcro ceases to cope with its direct duties. A natural question arises: is it possible to somehow correct the situation on our own?

Why do Velcro stop working?

  • The thing is that the regular use of locks leads to the «breaking in» of the connecting elements.
  • Part of the problem with «stickiness» may be due to the fact that debris has accumulated in the sticky castle: dust, hair, wool, fluff, threads, etc.
  • Regardless of what exactly caused the lock to malfunction, the most correct and most rational decision would be to go to a shoemaker or tailor to install a new Velcro.
  • However, if this option is not available or unacceptable, then you can solve the problem at home.

So let’s get started…

To get started, you will need: matches or a lighter, tweezers, cotton swabs.

  • First, using the already mentioned tweezers and cotton swabs, we remove everything superfluous from the Velcro. The procedure for removing dirt from sticky locks is neither exciting nor fast. However, this will have to be done.
  • If after that the lock still does not work, we take a burning match or a lighter and very carefully burn the old hooks on the sticky part of the lock.
  • If shoes or clothes start to burn, immediately extinguish them with water.
  • This simple method will allow you to revive the lock system for a few dozen more uses.
  • The main disadvantage of the method is that it is almost impossible to repeat it more than once.

So that you do not have the need to replace the Velcro and carry out «operations» to replace it, choose shoes with high-quality fittings and a fastener.

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