If you once purchased a home whitening kit, then sooner or later its consumables will run out, and you will think “what to do next?” Buying a new set This is an uneconomical and impractical option, why do you need another led lamp, for example?

Just for convenience and practicality in such situations, the ON WHITE extra kit whitening complex was created. It is developed according to a patented technology, it is also universal, i.e. Fits any brand led cap. The kit includes all the necessary consumables: activator gel, whitening gel and whitening strips. Having bought this complex, you will not need to buy anything else. Agree, comfortable?

The gels have a pleasant minty taste and a completely safe composition. The volume of the whitening gel is almost three times larger than similar kits. And there is no activator gel and strips in such kits at all

Why stripes? They can be used to enhance and consolidate the super-result. There are 5 pairs in the set. They are suitable even for sensitive teeth, they are comfortable to use due to their elastic shape.

What is the result? By purchasing a set of consumables ON WHITE extra kit, you get whiter teeth up to 8 tones, a noticeable effect after two applications, saving the result up to 3-4 months, and a bonus, the pleasure of the result achieved and the money saved. How many pluses fit in one set.
So let your smile never cease to shine and delight others!


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