What a beauty in the summer in the garden, you go out onto the terrace and your heart skips a beat with delight! Here, along the yellow sand path, irises wave their purple banners. The lilac wants to dissolve the brushes with many fragrant buds, you see, they are already pecking. And there, in the depths of the garden, at the end of its flowering, bird cherry is showered with the last snowflakes. And the air, what air — even eat with a spoon! You take a deep breath and inhale this aroma of sewage… What?… What other sewage? Where? It looks like a septic tank again … Yes, friends, life in the country or in your own home is not only about enjoying wonderful moments, but also about harsh everyday life. Well, nothing, let’s figure out what is wrong with this septic tank and what to do so that the air in the area is not spoiled by unpleasant odors.

Why does the septic tank smell?

A septic tank, unlike a classic restroom, theoretically should not smell — this is its main advantage. If there is an odor, then something is wrong. There may be several reasons, here are the most common, see if yours is among them?

  1. The very first thing you need to pay attention to is a violation of the rules for installing a septic tank. Installers could:
  • Allow miscalculations in the ventilation device
  • Do not install a pipe
  • Do not make a competent installation of water seals
  • Break the tightness of pipes, etc.

If the smell on the site appeared with the construction of a septic tank and has not disappeared for some time, then the problem is in the technology — you need to contact the installer. However, if the septic tank served you faithfully, and then suddenly began to exude unpleasant odors, we are looking for a different reason.

  1. Violation of the rules for the operation of a septic tank. Here, too, everything is extremely simple. Because a septic tank is needed:
  • Clean regularly to avoid silting and debris
  • Prevent the death of microorganisms living in a septic tank
  • Use only biodegradable household chemicals

But, if everyone always followed these rules, then there would be no question about the smell, right? Therefore, let’s figure out how to eliminate the cause associated with a clogged and silty septic tank, from which there are by no means charming aromas, and even flies appeared.

How to properly care for a septic tank and a country toilet

No supernatural effort is required. Manufacturers of household chemicals have long come up with tools with which you can easily and quickly put the latrine in order.

Summer residents and owners of suburban areas have long discovered professional concentrated Liquid for country toilets, latrines and waste containers BIO-T PROF from GOODHIM.

This is a biodegradable composition that is used for disinfection, deodorization of the contents of septic tanks and autonomous dry closets. It is also often added to classic cesspools, to garbage containers. The tool perfectly decomposes organic waste, does not allow the septic tank to silt. Thanks to the use of BIO-T PROF liquid, an unpleasant smell disappears in toilets, flies, larvae, harmful bacteria, including salmonella, die. But at the same time, the product has a good eco-composition: it does not contain formaldehyde and chlorine, it does not harm the environment.

Well, how to restore the biological system of your septic tank if a specific smell appears ?!

It is extremely easy to get rid of the unpleasant smell on the site and ensure the normal functioning of the septic tank with GOODHIM concentrate. It is diluted in the following proportions:

The finished aqueous solution is simply poured into the sewer and oxygen is provided. Great if there is an aerator. We give the tool a good work for 5 days. This is how disinfection works. The specific smell will disappear after 15 minutes. To «cheer up» the bacteria living in the septic tank, use the GOODHIM Bioactivator.

Everything, the ecosystem of your septic tank is running! Now there will be no unpleasant smell either on the site or in the house, and you will enjoy truly clean country air, filled with the aroma of herbs and flowers. Sincerely, GOODHIM!


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