You won’t have to «cut through» another window! We have collected working life hacks that will help fill a poorly lit room with light. An apartment with windows to the north is not a sentence.

Repaint the walls (and not only) in white

You must have heard about this rule at least once: if you want to expand the space and make it lighter, use white. Walls, ceilings and even the floor are repainted in white. Snow-white lamps are selected — for example, Nicole’s ceiling chandelier, visually merging with the ceiling. Still, there is a reasonable line: for example, if the walls and ceiling are already painted in white or a shade close to it, choose light wood for the floor, beige — in general, dilute the picture. An excess of white will give a feeling of sterility — this effect turns the apartment into a hospital wing. Chandelier Nicole: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/7265448/detail.aspx?targetUrl=EX

Is there anything besides white?

Of course! White is just a base for multiplying light. Additional shades and accents are not forbidden. Use bright textiles or lamps (for example, the Smile chandelier is perfect for a child’s room), repaint furniture legs and fittings. So, blue, green or turquoise will fill the room with freshness, gold and yellow — with a sunny mood. Chandelier Smile: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/8165393/detail.aspx?targetUrl=EX

Deal with windows

Even if it seems to us that the windows are clean, in fact, dust and dirt have probably accumulated on them. And this is an obstacle to natural light. Another obstacle, much more tangible — blackout curtains. Replace them with light translucent curtains, and you will immediately notice how the room becomes lighter and more spacious. By the way, this scheme also works with artificial lighting. For example, fabric lampshades, especially in dark shades, muffle the luminous flux, but open light sources or glass shades, like the Hamburg chandelier, make it brighter and more intense. Chandelier Hamburg: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/9133266/detail.aspx?targetUrl=EX

Consider the power of the chandelier

Make sure your light fixture is big enough for the room. Let’s analyze what this means using the example of the Isolde chandelier. Its total power is 360 watts. This is enough for a living room of 18-20 square meters. m. But if the room has a dark floor and furniture, they will “eat up” up to 20-30% of this figure, which means that a more powerful chandelier is needed. In addition, the type of luminaire is also important: for example, 6 spot spots with a total power of 360 W will feel worse in lighting a room than one ceiling chandelier with a similar power. Chandelier Isolda: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/80100674/detail.aspx?targetUrl=EX

Add gloss and mirrors

Mirrors and gloss work on the same principle: they reflect light, multiplying it, and visually expand the space. In practice, not only glass tables and cabinet doors can come into play, but also any shimmering surfaces — for example, golden photo frames or chrome chair legs shining with a cold sheen. A light fixture is one of the best ways to integrate reflective surfaces into your interior. The Madeleine chandelier is ideal in this regard: with a base polished to a mirror finish, transparent glass shades and crystal.

Remove excess

Clutter may be a variation of the norm, only in dark rooms it greatly enhances the feeling of gloom. All objects absorb light, so you will have to get rid of the extra ones. It’s not just about trash or scattered stacks of magazines. Analyze all things for necessity: maybe this bedside table or chair will look better in a room on the sunny side (or in a corner in the country house)? Give preference to rounded furniture without small prints and numerous decor, minimalism in this case is our best friend. Sconce Cruz, which literally dissolves into space, is a great example of how to discreetly integrate the necessary object into a room without unnecessary visual load.

Bra Cruz: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/12816492/detail.aspx?targetUrl=EX


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