What to do if there is no time left in the fitness club: Fitness gum!

Yes, sometimes because of raising children or hard work, there is very little time left for yourself. If we consider a fitness club, then you need to walk, the time for changing and showering, along with training, takes 2 or even 3 hours. But there is a great desire to become more beautiful and fit. And we just don’t have that much time.

What is an excellent solution for fabric fitness elastic bands. The resistance of the rubber bands sometimes reaches 25kg, think about it, but this is almost the biggest weight. They just don’t weigh anything. What is their biggest advantage? In other words, you can take them to work and study in your free time. At home, when a minute was free. Or take it with you on vacation and do not forget about training.

In this connection, I want to highlight the main advantages of rubber bands:
Compactness: you can take it with you everywhere.
Resistance: from 10 to 25kg, suitable for beginners and advanced.
Functional: a huge number of video lessons with fitness rubber bands, for almost all muscle groups.
Safely: no injury or damage to the joints.
Price: compared to season tickets 10-50 times cheaper.

The experience of my use, I myself often use rubber bands. I have homework and spend a lot of time at the computer. I set myself a reminder every hour to take a break for 10-15 minutes. Which I spend on squats and workouts with a fitness band. For the period of use, this is approximately 3 months. I managed to burn some fat, pump up the buttocks and hips, and also pumped up my shoulders and arms a little (but here I pay little attention to the muscles of the shoulders and arms).

Sometimes on weekends I do a full set of exercises, and the workout takes an average of an hour. Be sure it really is like going to the gym, the muscles are burning, and the sweaty body from fatigue suggests that the calories were burned due to the intensity of training! Yes, they burn if you train well, it can even be hard to walk the next day.

Of course, 100% of all exercise equipment will not replace fitness bands for you, but you can do a lot of exercises with them, but I have tried 20-25 varieties. And they won’t be suitable for cardio loads (but nothing prevents you from combining them with aerobics).

In conclusion, I want to say why I think that the simulator is very useful:
Does not take up space in the apartment.
Fits even in the smallest handbag.
Ease of exercise.
Several loading options.
Loads of exercises.
Affordable price.

This concludes my review of the product, I wish you good training and health. Be happy and train for yourself!


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