Dear mother (or dear father)!

  • You are a good parent. And even yelling at the baby, you have not ceased to be him.
  • You are still a good parent who can sometimes make mistakes, get angry, break down and then regret it.
  • This happens to everyone.

It is important how to behave AFTER a quarrel, as well as how to make such situations happen less often.

What to do?

  1. Ask for forgiveness from the child. No matter how old he is. Hug, say out loud: “Bunny, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, please forgive me.»
  2. If the scandal had a specific reason, name it. “I started screaming because I was nervous. I really hate it when you throw food on the floor. Please don’t do this again. I will try to never, ever scream again.”
  3. And really try.

You will find even more techniques, recommendations and games in the Smart Girl®. Manage Emotions kit.

This is a unique technique for developing emotional intelligence. Set Clever Girl®. Manage Emotions will teach a child (0-3 years):

  • Express your emotions correctly — not with shouting and whims, but with words and acceptable actions.
  • Recognize emotions (your own and those around you).
  • Put yourself in the place of another, empathize.
  • Deal with disappointments, let go of negativity and see more good in the world around you!

Also included is a large and understandable book for parents with advice on how to behave in a particular emotionally difficult situation (scandals, tantrums in children). Parents will be able to better understand their child, see the specific reasons behind the whims. There will be fewer tantrums in your family, trusting relationships will be established. The set “grows” with the child, offering different games for every age. You can start from birth!


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