Back pain, you are not alone! Statistics show that back pain is second only to infectious diseases. In addition, statistics show that every year, this problem is faced by 24% more than last year. And for example, in 2020, during the global quarantine, back problems increased by 270%

We have a solution! This is a posture corrector or back corset. Thanks to him, your back will not hurt, and the posture itself will be even and beautiful! Thanks to two metal plates, the corset creates a minimum load and the correct position.

But we must understand that the posture corrector is not a magic pill, thanks to which everything will pass in an instant. So that the back does not hurt, and there is no stoop, it is necessary to train the posture with special exercises.

That’s why we’ve included a personalized posture training program that includes only the best exercises that really help.

With love Korsetplus®


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