Back or lower back pain, you are not alone! Statistics show that back pain is second only to viral diseases. Statistics show that every year, this problem is faced by 26% more than last year. For example, in 2020, during quarantine, back and posture problems increased by 270%.

In contrast, people who are depressed and experience chronic pain often sit hunched over or stand slouched. Their very posture and the whole body speaks of what is happening inside a person at the level of emotions or physical sensations.

Straight equipment gives an advantage in the form of external beauty, over a person with violations in posture, and employers in priority hire more attractive people, all other things being equal.

A man with an even posture seems stronger, bigger, wider, i.e. far more attractive to the opposite sex. We observe almost the same picture with the weaker sex. A man tends to instinctively choose a future mother for his children from among the «healthy», and even posture — gives a signal of her good health.

A straight back gives us a significant advantage in almost all areas of life.

We have a solution! This is a posture corrector or reclinator. Thanks to him, your back will not hurt, and your posture will be even and beautiful. Thanks to two iron plates, the posture corrector creates a minimum load, and the correct position of the spine.

But you need to understand that the reclinator is not a magic pill because of which everything will pass in one minute. So that the back and lower back do not hurt, and there is no stoop, you need to train your posture with special exercises.

Therefore, along with the posture corrector, a posture training program is included, which includes only the best exercises, as well as secret exercises that the best doctors know and that really help.

With love, Korsetplus®


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