Parents often face the fact that children’s shoes quickly lose their appearance and wear out. Of course, a lot depends on the individual characteristics of the child — the structure of the foot, gait, and more. However, there are rules, following which, you can significantly improve the situation.Carefully choose shoes — they should fit perfectly on the child’s foot in size and fullness. Do not buy too much «for growth» — it is also harmful for the correct formation of children’s legs.Consider the purpose of the shoes. For sports and active games, it is better to choose models of sports brands.Try to have several pairs per shift. Genuine leather tends to recover, so it will be good to alternate two or three pairs.

Remember care. Main rules: dry at room temperature; wash by hand using special products. Also use products to nourish and protect natural leather — this will help to significantly extend the life of children’s shoes.

The photo shows models of IRIDIS shoes. All shoes of the brand are made of genuine leather. There are many models for school, including for changing shoes.


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