Many cat owners work five days a week, and their pets are bored at home alone during this time. Sometimes cat boredom is reflected in furniture or shoes, and therefore cat owners have come up with many life hacks and toys to entertain bored animals. What to do with a cat and how to save the interior?

1. House inside the house

Equip your cat with a play space and rest areas so that she has her own «corners» where she would feel safe. It is important for each cat to have its own territory, where neither a person nor another pet would go.

While you are away, your cat will feel more secure there, especially if you put her favorite toys there.

“Houses” can be either special beds placed in rooms, and entire multi-storey gaming centers, or ordinary empty boxes. It is also important to install at least one scratching post. Find out where your cat likes to spend time the most and arrange those places for her. Remember that they must be secure.

2. Simple toys

Having chosen a place for the gaming space, proceed to its arrangement. Many toys can be made by hand. Basic rules — they should be bright, rustling or rattling, light enough for the cat to move them.

3. Complex toys

Today, the pet market offers more intricate entertainment for cats.

For example, the Ball Pyramid, an interactive toy for cats, is a tower-track with 4 balls on 4 levels. The cat, trying to get the balls with its paw, sets them in motion, then repeats this movement again and again. The balls begin to spin in a circle, which turns your pet on even more.


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