Every parent wants his child to grow up successful and fulfill himself in life. For this, children are taken to various circles, sections, they buy various educational courses and teaching materials. All this is important and necessary, but often parents focus on developing only HARD SKILLS.

HARD SKILLS are hard technical abilities and skills, the ability to work according to certain regulations and standards — for example, the ability to work in a specific computer program, knowledge of English or French, knowledge of the chronology of the reign of the royal dynasty in Russia, memorization of a poem by A.S. Pushkin, the ability to skate, ski and so on.

At the same time, HARD SKILLS alone will never make a child a successful person without SOFT SKILLS reinforcement.

SOFT SKILLS are universal skills that allow you to build effective communication with the outside world and achieve success. The main SOFT SKILLS are creativity, imagination, logical thinking, persuasion, teamwork, adaptability, time management, self-organization, focus, ambition, self-confidence, optimism, empathy, friendliness to others. All these qualities can and should be developed from early childhood!

Therefore, especially for the development of these skills, as well as for the love of children and nature, we created the brand of eco-friendly wooden puzzles DOBRONRAV. An ideal option for a good time for boys and girls from 3 to 10 years old.

Separately, we note that we create puzzles only from real wood! We only have birch plywood, which has a wood structure and a slight pleasant smell of the Russian forest. How to immediately distinguish a real tree from a more inexpensive material — pressed HDF? Check the reverse side of the puzzles — it should be light and have a wood structure (veins are visible, we have not only puzzles made of wood, but also a box, you can clearly see it on it). HDF, on the other hand, is much darker, it is a pressed material made from chips, much less practical, if HDF parts fall, they can simply break. And our birch puzzles will last a long time! Because children deserve the best!

Wooden figure puzzles is an eco-friendly multifunctional game that contributes to the comprehensive development of your baby’s intelligence. Our educational toys help develop the following SOFT SKILLS:

focusing attention — a bright picture and a desire to see the result help the baby to concentrate on the game;

Creativity, imagination — the figured structure of the puzzle itself, when the child correlates the image of the part with some animal or toy (pyramid, train, cubes) develop this skill;

Logical thinking non-standard details, atypical shape of the finished puzzle make the child’s brain work better, unlike standard puzzles. Assembling our puzzles even 1-2 times a week for just a few months forms new neural connections, which means that the child becomes smarter and his logic improves;

Time management, self-organization — due to the fact that children are interested in bright pictures, they will want to see the final result of their work, therefore, without noticing it, they will assemble the puzzle to the end, which means they will pump their self-organization, set a task — they completed the task, this helps to form time management;

Teamwork skills — call friends, let the child assemble the puzzle not alone, but in a team with brothers, sisters and friends, let them learn to play together, distribute tasks. Alone in the field is not a warrior, in life the best results are achieved by team efforts;

Ambition, self-confidence – only our puzzles come with a championship medal for assembling! Praise your baby is very important! When we focus on children’s achievements — this is the best basis for their success in adulthood, only in this way can they grow great ambitions in themselves!

Optimism, empathy, friendliness to others — to develop these skills, we create not just puzzles like everyone else, we have developed a single storyline in which Roma the giraffe loves his family, values ​​​​his friends, goes through various adventures with them, composes important useful poems about kindness, care, confidence. This is especially so that you can discuss these important human values ​​with children so that they grow up optimistic and friendly to others, like our main character Roma the giraffe. Only here each puzzle is accompanied by a mini story about heroes, each puzzle in a simple and understandable language for a child tells about important moral values ​​- such as kindness, friendship, love for nature!

In addition, puzzles develop fine motor skills, memory and speech.

DOBRONRAV puzzles are an excellent option for a useful and pleasant gift for your children, which will appeal to both boys and girls when you need to go to friends and relatives for a birthday!

We sincerely wish success to every child! Because the global politics, the economy and the future of all mankind are formed from the success and scale of the personality of each individual! Let your children be happy, healthy and grow up worthy, successful people!

Thank you for your attention!

Best regards, DOBRONRAV brand team


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