Depriving ourselves of food or drastically reducing its amount, we do not lose weight. In such a situation, the body simply begins to save energy and slows down ALL metabolic processes.

Yes, and fat for him is an important strategic reserve! Therefore, at first we reduce weight mainly due to the removal of fluid and energy from the muscles.

How can you make this process more efficient?

We understand: what to eat to lose weight correctly.

1. Fiber = vegetables, fruits, legumes, Guarchibao smoothies.

With a low calorie content, they give a feeling of satiety for a long time and improve digestion.

2. Low fat = seafood, white meat, low-fat cottage cheese or kefir.

A gram of fat is about 9kcal. Saturated fats are especially dangerous, their consumption can lead to blockage of blood vessels.

3. Lots of protein = liver, poultry, eggs, squid.

Proteins strengthen muscles, accelerate recovery processes and normalize metabolism.

4. To remove water = celery, green tea, fruit drinks without sugar, Drainage Liquor.

Excess weight is also excess fluid that accumulates in the tissues of our body. It would also be good to reduce the amount of salt.

5. 3-Day Snacks = Fruit, Dried Fruit, Marshmallow, Nuts, Guarchibao Pro Snack.

Ideal: Take a piece of fruit, a healthy snack tray, or a Pro Snack bar with you.

These recommendations will help not only to lose weight, but to reduce the percentage of fat in the body. Without stress and drastic measures!


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