The most important thing when choosing any «gift» is the emotions that the recipient of the «gift» will experience

The effect that the gift will be «unexpected» and «unpredictable» is priceless

It’s not worth giving gifts that everyone has already given to each other, it’s better to opt for something that will definitely be remembered!

According to the feedback of our customers, such a gift instantly gives positive emotions and sincere laughter + almost always this is an occasion for photos and subsequent posting on social networks, regardless of the age of the recipient!

According to the survey, such gifts as «socks, foam, etc. …» are already a «meme» and it is not appropriate to give such a gift!

Our gift studio is 100% sure that when you don’t know what to give as a gift, it will be a no-lose option!

And if you know a person for a long time, then you simply have to hold a mini drawing! Such moments are remembered for a lifetime!

The gift set is suitable as a joke and a surprise, as a gift for a birthday, for an anniversary and a name day, a great addition to a gift for a wedding and an anniversary, versatile and concise!

It is worth paying attention that in such a set there is something to eat and nothing will be lost! It will be perfect as a «set of sweets»

for a woman, friend, beloved, girl, wife, colleague, lover, friend, brother, neighbor!

With such a gift, your present will be the brightest at any event!


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