The best gift, as you know, is a book. But what to do if you are afraid not to guess? How to make a surprise and at the same time not repeat? An excellent solution would be a storage accessory — a book holder. Dividers, dividers, or book holders are designed to hold books upright on tables, open shelves, chests of drawers, or nightstands.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a holder?

1. High-quality products made from natural materials, such as metal or wood, are best suited — this will emphasize the premium nature of the gift.

2. It is important that the limiter is stable, then it is suitable for books of any size. It is advisable to choose a set of limiters of two pieces, this will allow you to arrange more books.

3. Think about the recipient’s interests and try to find restraints whose design reflects them.

4. An important selection criterion is versatility. You should not give items that will stand out from the interior, pay attention to concise solutions with a minimalist design.

5. And of course, do not forget about proper packaging. A beautifully designed gift will emphasize the attention you wanted to give. We recommend using natural materials, such as kraft, cardboard or wooden boxes, decorative straw or tissue paper.

The ART Factory book holder set is made of high quality steel with a premium finish. Comes with 2 different designs.

We have already taken care of the packaging, choose your gift.



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