Task: to choose an inexpensive, original and useful gift for a boy/teenager.

This is the goal that people set when they go to someone’s birthday or just looking for an original gift.

If you also have a question: «what to give as a gift ..?», then this article is for you.

And so, let’s get started!

What do all boys love? Correctly! Cars, weapons and designers.

But how to make a choice?

We bring to your attention the designer from the Kerambiter company.

This product is not just a toy. This is a full copy of a combat knife. And despite the fact that the designer is made of plywood, the similarity with the real prototype is 90%! Assembly does not take much time and does not require any special tools from you. PVA glue and some sandpaper will suffice.

In total, what we have:

-Developing fine motor skills and thinking constructor

-Environmentally friendly and safe product

-Full size replica of a real knife

In sum: a great toy for a fan of video games and is able to decorate the interior of just any boy!

Thank you for your attention!


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