You can congratulate not only husbands, brothers and dads on February 23, but also the smallest future defenders. After all, it is so important from childhood to form in a child the right attitude towards his homeland, as well as towards those who need a strong shoulder. And the gifts from our selection will help you explain to your child in a playful way why men have such a serious task — to protect loved ones!


Well, which of the boys does not dream of leading his own army of soldiers? Moreover, you can play war games not only with friends, but also with older brothers and even with dad. Such games will be of interest to all the men in your house. So you can safely choose the right heroes and give them to the future commander!

RC tank

A radio-controlled car is good, but a whole tank… And if there are two of them in a set, then you can generally arrange tank battles. The game will help develop logic, as well as fine motor skills, because controlling a tank with a remote control is not an easy task.

Board game

Surely, you remember how, as a child, you played sea battle on checkered pieces of paper. The game was so exciting that you could sit all day drawing squares of 10 cells and ships. Today there are different options for naval combat, but the most important thing is that for the game you just need to place the figures of the ships in their places. Such board games develop ingenuity, logic and help children learn from their mistakes.


Assembling something big from small parts is a rather time-consuming task. But this is good! So your son can develop patience and perseverance, and this in turn will help him to be more balanced and thoughtful in the future.


Since we don’t encounter combat vehicles every day (and that’s a good thing!), we know very little about them! And children are interested in everything! Encyclopedias about transport, combat vehicles, tanks and missile systems will be an excellent gift for inquisitive «why-why». Yes, and you will learn a lot of new and interesting things.

And we, from the editors of WB Guru, congratulate all men on the upcoming holiday! May you always have strength for yourself, for your loved ones and relatives, and you only have to protect them from the wind with strong hugs.


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