June 1 is celebrated as International Children’s Day around the world.

This holiday falls on the first day of summer. Warm weather, bright sun, blue sky, numerous events at the city’s venues are conducive to walks. And the best gift for the baby will be the time spent with their parents. Take your child to an amusement park, a zoo, a water park, watch performances by creative teams, take part in traditional children’s competitions. Buy him a balloon, cotton candy. Be sure to go to a cafe and let your child choose a treat.

As an alternative, take a short trip to the forest for a picnic. Choose a route in advance, take a thermos of tea and a couple of sandwiches with you. And if the fire situation allows, make a fire, bake potatoes, take impressive photographs. This day, especially if moms and dads are busy people and rarely can devote so much time to rest, the baby will remember for a long time. You can end the holiday with a gift. This, of course, is not a New Year or a birthday, but still a children’s holiday. And on holidays it is customary to give gifts. We have compiled a list of interesting, useful and inexpensive gifts that will surely delight your little ones.

Summer is ahead, so items for active outdoor games will be relevant:

  • ball (colorful rubber for girls, football for boys);
  • Hula Hup;
  • jump rope;
  • crayons for drawing on asphalt;
  • inflatable pool, life buoy, armlets;
  • rollers;
  • Kick scooter.

On Children’s Day for a gift, you can choose a small, but bright and interesting educational toy or an exciting «tabletop». For example, the multifunctional educational game «Magic Boxes».

Magic boxes are a storehouse of educational games for a child!

No time to be bored! Just look how many games this set contains. The baby will have a lot to do: hide the figures in their boxes, make logical paths, decorate the bear. Includes 80 pieces, 7 drawers, teddy bear sorter and 20 double-sided challenge cards! Bright and safe wooden details will give you pleasant moments of play. They are such a pleasure to hold! Kids will not want to stop classes, from which the benefits will only grow. The kid will be so enthusiastic that the parents will have some time for themselves or household chores.

Playing with the box, the child will be able to:

  • sort parts by color and shape, collecting them in 7 drawers
  • solve 40 tasks for games collected in a box on 20 double-sided cards
  • choose your favorite from three games: find a house, find a figurine or repeat after the bear.

The child will get acquainted with colors and geometric shapes, learn to sort the figures according to these characteristics: put them on cards, arrange them in a sorter, hide them in drawers. Interesting, useful, informative!

Playing, it develops beautifully:

  • logic and thinking
  • speech development
  • fine motor skills
  • movement coordination
  • counting basics
  • color perception

Such a box will be an excellent assistant in the harmonious development of the baby!

The meaning of Children’s Day is to unite adults to protect the smallest inhabitants of the planet from evil and violence. Another task is to create conditions for the children of the whole world for spiritual growth, mental and physical development. For the majority of modern parents, this is just a holiday when it is customary to make your children happy: entertain, give them gifts — and rightly so!


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