Time flies very quickly, children grow up, first they graduate from preschool, then, moving from class to class, they prepare for adulthood! It has long been a tradition to celebrate each new stage of the child and give gifts on this occasion. Every time parental fantasy goes through a tough test when looking for a gift, because I want it not only to please the child, but also to be useful, to be able to teach something!
There are several options to give a gift: individually or group gifts. Individually, you can give at home at a family celebration. Group gifts should be the same for the whole group or class, perhaps separately for boys or girls, so that none of the children get upset.

The piggy bank coloring will be a great gift for children. Here and entertainment function at the moment of coloring, the piggy bank will become unique with your favorite colors or even characters. As well as educational, the child will learn to set goals and gradually move towards their fulfillment, will receive one of the most useful skills — handling money, accumulating and counting it! For kids, this is a great opportunity to practice counting numbers! And you can choose the right piggy bank, just for your child, in our store «Rose of the Winds».


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