In the New Year’s letter to Santa Claus, the guys write their biggest wishes and look forward to the cherished box under the tree. Let’s be honest, it’s not always possible to give exactly what the child asks for, especially this year, which turned out to be incredibly difficult. You also don’t want to disappoint the baby on a holiday. It is for parents who are at a dead end that we have created ready-made New Year gifts for children that will bring a lot of positive emotions.

We offer, as a New Year’s gift for children, beauty sets of tiger cub soap with a cookie scent, tangerine soap with a tangerine scent respectively, salt with pearls with a pine scent and a bath bomb with a lemon scent.

All items in the sets are made with love from natural ingredients. They have gentle and pleasant aromas. Our beauty set is packaged in a stylish, holiday-ready wooden box adorned with a vibrant Christmas print.

These sets will not leave your children and adults indifferent, but will fill your hearts with a sea of ​​positive emotions and a festive mood!


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