We promised that we would not leave you in trouble when it comes time to choose a gift for a child? We keep our promise! We have made for you a new selection of interesting options for New Year’s gifts for children of all ages.

Crib pads

Let’s start our selection with gifts for the little ones. To make it comfortable for the baby to be in his crib, you can decorate it with beautiful sides. They will create comfort and safety, and will also look great in the bedroom interior.

Bath toys

Toddlers love to swim, and to make this process even more exciting for the crumbs, give him special toys for the bath. For example, with the «Find a Pair» and «Assemble and Draw» sets, the child will not only have a good time when bathing, but will also develop.

Warm envelopes and blankets

For those babies who were born before the New Year and became a gift for their parents, memorable gifts are also needed. After all, later, when the child grows up, you can show him his first warm envelope, and a soft blanket will warm the baby on cold winter evenings.

Antistress toy

For older girls, one of the most desired gifts can be a plush anti-stress bag with the cult heroine LOL doll. Having squeezed this handbag once in her hand, the baby will no longer want to let it out of her hands. After all, the toy is very pleasant to the touch. A charm bracelet is hidden inside the bag. So you buy not one gift, but two at once. And you can’t help but rejoice!

Glider and Christmas decoration

In order for the child to diversify, it is important to give him the opportunity to create something on his own. For example, you can pick up a beautiful glider that will be a great helper and teach your child to rationally allocate time. For those children who like to be creative more, Christmas tree decorations that need to be assembled on their own are suitable.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations


Educational game «My glider»

DIY kits

Spending time with your child is the most valuable thing you can give him. And so that you and your baby are not bored, you can give him a set for crafts. For example, make a beautiful postcard and present it to someone close to you, build a dream catcher or color it with your child.

You can see other gifts that we selected for the child in the first part of the article. Happy New Year!


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